Nov 16, 2012

Typical Culinary Italy: Not Just Pizza and Spaghetti

Risotto, for example, is a traditional rice dish from the Northern Italian region, one of the largest rice producing region in Italy. Risotto rice grains are larger than we are used to eating rice, cooked with broth and parmesan cheese to produce flavor creamy.

Risotto is also sometimes added to further strengthen the tomato paste flavor. Other typical dishes are Brodetto, the soup made ​​from extracts of marine fish cooked in broth, tomatoes and white wine.

Fresh fish, clams, mussels, squid, cuttlefish, prawns and red mullet fish species usually inserted into this soup. Brodetto usually served hot in a traditional container named coccio, and enjoyed as an appetizer.

Pasta also became one of the mainstay of Italian cuisine, as well
as Costoletta processed meat (bacon smeared thin dry bread crumbs and fried in butter, Ossobuco (beef leg meat pieces are cooked slowly in white wine, herbs and spices) and La Bistecca (T-bone steak meat beef origin of the famous Chianina fat spreads like marble).

For dessert, there are two kinds of dessert which is quite popular and a favorite in Italy, the Sabayon Galliano and Cannoli Siciliani. Sabayon Galliano made ​​from a mixture of egg yolks, sugar and sweet Italian liqueur called Galliano. While Cannoli is a typical Sicilian pastry shaped like a tube and stuffing sweet and creamy from the ricotta cheese and dried fruit such as peach and raisin.

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