Apr 10, 2013

Recipes Chicken Rolade

This one is definitely on the side have been very fond of children. Because the taste is savory and tender. Chew right? Make it any easier. Can combine with soup of any kind. Well ... this time my combine with the sop. So complete was the lunch today. ....

material content:

300 grm fillet of chicken, finely minced
3 lmbr fresh bread without fringe
150 ml UHT milk
3 bh egg, shake off
5 btr garlic, puree
1 tsp sesame oil
salt pepper powder to taste

Omelette ingredients:

5 eggs, beaten off btr
100 ml UHT milk
1 tbsp plain flour
salt, pepper powder to taste

Tools needed: a reply

banana leaf or aluminium foil or thick plastic

How to make:

1. Omelette:
a. mix the flour with the milk UHT to align & smooth. Insert the whisk eggs, salt & pepper powder.
b. the omelet in the teflon diameter 22 cm or potluck teflon at home. Do eggs until mixture is exhausted, set aside

2. content:
a. bread fresh puree with UHT milk.
b. combine the minced chicken meat, add pepper, garlic, sesame oil.
Mix well.
c. Insert the Whisk egg, mix well.

3. take a piece of dough, fried meat, flatten the surface. Roll meetings, wrap with banana leaf/aluminum foil thin butter dioles already. PIN with the rib/in steples. Do so on until the ingredients are used up. Steamed until cooked for 45 minutes.
Remove, let cool. thinly sliced/according to taste. Can be stored in a freezer Rolade for tomorrow. Kl want presented, bs left in room temperature, lightly fry the slices in hot oil.

Please try making chicken rolade

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